While watching motorsports, perusing motorsport related news or car race tournament results and standings; also consider playing a poker game. Besides fun, you will also have the opportunity to pocket some coins.

Unibet is among the most popular and oldest online gambling site. The company has diligently served its clients for decades, offering a wide range variety of games. However, poker now seems to be the most fascinating and appealing game for gamblers globally.

To play at Unibet, you need to open an account with a poker room. The registration process is done on the official website of Unibet (www.unibet.com). After you successfully register, you can access poker and other casino games provided by Unibet.

Unibet Account Sign Up

To successfully sign up and begin to play poker at Unibet is easy and takes less than four minutes. In this reliable and consistent gambling site, the sign up for Unibet poker steps are so simple that even kids can follow them easily. Follow these steps, and you will realize how simple it is:

  • Clear Cookies

The first step of signing up at Unibet is clearing your browser’s cookies. Without clearing the cookies, don’t expect the registration process to be as simple as it is. Therefore, to correctly pass the sign-up process and stand a chance of getting a welcome bonus, consider completing this step.

  • Personal Details

In the top right corner of your screen, click the yellow button written register. After pressing the register button, you will be asked to choose the language you want to register with at Unibet. Fill in the registration form with your real details as they appear in your identification card (ID). Double-check to ensure the information you fill is correct since you may need to confirm the data before you withdraw your winnings. Some of the personal details you must confirm are the last and first names, birth date and email.

  • Address

The next phase of Unibet registration is providing your address information. Enter your country details, phone numbers, and the currency you prefer for deposit and withdrawal. Create a unique password to enhance your security. Furthermore, secret questions will help to strengthen your security.

  • Confirm Your Eligibility

This registration step starts with a request to enter a promo code. You can choose to fill or leave the field blank because it’s not obligatory. Moreover, you have to accept or even reject the registration bonus given. Confirming that you are of legal age is the only thing left. Accept the terms and conditions before pressing the join button.

  • Registration Notification

Immediately you join Unibet, you get a notification informing you to have successfully registered. Furthermore, the notification will come with a deposit suggestion. Top up your account balance, and you can now use your account to enjoy your poker game.

Bottom Line

Don’t let poker fun pass you by while you only concentrate on motorsport news. You can increase the fun you are having from watching your favourite racer in car tournaments by playing thrilling poker games at Unibet. Follow this article to learn the Unibet registration process.