For car lovers in Canada, summer is usually a season to look forward to, given the large number of fantastic car races scheduled to take place. Whether you are only a super-excited fan or an aspiring professional race-car driver, the following are five car races you should always keep on your radar.

1. The Formula 1

Since not many road-course events are televised, the Formula 1 easily ranks as one of the most highly anticipated track series in North America. Not only is the event very sophisticated, but it’s also spellbinding to watch drivers thunder around the tracks at top speeds.

Do not expect tickets to be cheap. But if you do not mind spending money on some good four-wheeled sport, then you should definitely plan to attend the Formula 1 at least once.

2. Honda Indy Toronto

Another race with a similar setting as the Formula 1 (though not as prestigious) is the IndyCar series. Here, cars race on the actual streets of the city, making it an immersive and thrilling event for both fans and local residents alike.

You will love the thrill of hearing the race engines reverberate against the houses and buildings.

3. ChumpCar World Series

If you are looking for a race that does not have a high cost of entry, then this is it. In order to qualify, one has to first build a car for less than $500.

The race goes on for about 12 hours, so drivers must have excellent road endurance. If you want a dry run before hitting the big events like the Formula 1, this isn’t a bad starting point.

4. The Radium Hot Spring Rally

This is not exactly a summer rally, but it is still a fantastic car event that you won’t want to miss.

This race is frequently held on snow days in particularly muddy environments, but the excitement will make you want to grab a blanket and enjoy the outdoors.

5. Rocky Mountain Nationals

Some televised sport fails to capture the real emotion and setting on the TV screen, but watching them live can make your heart pound with excitement. This is one such event.

You can watch the yellow flames from the cars’ exhaust pipes as the vehicles vie with each other to cross the finish line. Drivers in this race do not mind going a little crazy, which is why the sport is so popular among Canadians.